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You’ve been a collector of vinyl toys and you are looking for a supplier to transform your own design into a vinyl toy.

What’s The Vinyl?

Vinyl is one of the world’s most widely used and researched plastics. Its approved use in food packaging as well as its widespread applications in the healthcare field demonstrate the safety of PVC. Vinyl is used for the storage of national blood supplies throughout the world as well as in numerous surgical applications.
Vinyl is a common materials used in many toys,despite many claims which made recently by some groups, toy manufacturers are confident in vinyl is safe,the research into the effects of phthalates does not show that phthalates themselves are in any way hazardous to children’s health. In fact, there is no scientific evidence that these chemicals put people of any age at risk.
However,the design of vinyl toys is good ductility,fashion,bright-colored,exaggeration and emphasis on individual display,which become the trend of designer toys.
Nowadays,the vinyl toys such as Kaws and Funko are very popular.

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What’s the MOQ for Vinyl toys?
For small Vinyl figure,our MOQ is 500pcs,but we can also undertake the low MOQ if the the custom vinyl product size is big, we can turn that 4" figurine into a 2ft sculpture.

How long does A Completed Vinyl Toys Make?
It’ll take 3-4 months from the prototype design,mold making,pre-sample confirm,mass production,assembling,quality inspection to delivery.

Generally it’ll take 2-3 weeks to confirm the prototype design and pre-production sample.
P.S: We have strong supply chain so as to we can handle the urgent orders to help occupy the market.

How much does the Customized Vinyl Toys cost?
Due to all the vinyl toy is customized,the cost will be calculated rely on many factors as below,
● Prototype design or not
● Product size
● Mold cost
● Painting complexity
● Order quantity
● Accessories
● Customized package or not

Our Product Business Cases Of Toys That We Made For Our Clients

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sofubi toy
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How Can We Start To Custom Vinyl Toys?
There are only 4 steps from design to the physical vinyl figures.
1. Send us your 2D/3D design
2. 3D Print The Protoype
3. Painting
4. Small-run Production